What is Longarm Quilting?

QuiltingOne of the most difficult parts of making a quilt is creating the final product. After sewing your quilt pattern together, you must sew the quilt top, batting and quilt backing together which can be tricky and time consuming, especially for beginning quilters. A great solution to this was developed in the late 1800s: Longarm Quilting.

This machine process is much quicker than quilting by hand or with a regular sewing machine, and is great for completing projects in a timely and stress-free manner. A longarm quilting machine is made up of a sewing machine head, worktable and a metal frame with rollers. Mounted on wheels, the sewing machine head can be guided by hand or computer program and is typically made of industrial strength metal.

There are two types of Longarm quilting styles available; pantograph quilting and custom quilting. Pantograph quilts are made by tracing a design across the length of the quilt, creating an even and exact quilt pattern. Custom quilting is a process by which each quilt square is designed by hand. This freehand process is popular for creating quilts with feathers and meandering and is usually a more expensive and time-consuming process than the pantograph style.

Here at The Fabric Stasher we offer longarm quilting services! We use a Nolting 24” pro machine and have a large selection of patterns available to choose from. Need help completing your quilting project, or interested in having a custom quilt made? Contact us online or at 562-886-1600 today to set up an appointment today!