Upcoming Events

The Stash Society

Upon joining the Stash Society, we will begin tracking your purchases*. After your 6th purchase, we will issue you a Stash Society Credit of 10% of the total of these 6 purchases. (Eg. If you have spent a total of $100 over the course of those 6 visits, you would receive a credit of $10 to be used at a future date.)
*Does not include class fees, quilting service fees, or any discounted merchandise.

Hours of Operation:

Mon.- Fri. 9AM – 5PM,

Sat. 10AM-4PM,

Sund. Closed

Open Sew Room

Come join us in our Open Sew Room – available any time we are open!

Our sewing room can comfortably accommodate 6-12 people and use of this room is free! We do recommend that you call ahead, as availability is not guaranteed. Reservations are not necessary but can be accommodated. This is a great opportunity to come hang out and work on projects together!.

Gift Certificates available