Tips for First Time Quilters

Beginner quilting


So you want to be a quilter. But where do you start? Even if you have lots of sewing experience, quilting can be a completely different craft. It helps to have a basic knowledge of how to operate a sewing machine. Here are some tips to get you started:

Take A Quilting Class

As we said, quilting is a bit different from what you are used to with other sewing projects. Taking a quilting class will help to familiarize you with the techniques and tricks that help make great quilters. The Fabric Stasher offers quilting classes in Iowa. Your teacher will help to guide you through the preliminary steps of starting a quilt and help you learn the foundation of quilting.

Select Fabrics Carefully

When you are choosing fabrics that fit your pattern, do so wisely. If you are working with patterned fabrics, create a mix of that varies from small patterns to larger patterns while still sharing similar color schemes. Don’t be afraid to mix stripes, dots, and geometric patterns – but also don’t forget to balance your patterns with solid fabrics. For beginners, working with patterned fabric can be a plus when it comes to hiding flaws. Keep in mind your pattern and what size square or shapes you’ll be working with. Will they fit well onto the pattern?

Most importantly, make SURE all of your fabrics are made from the same materials.

Prepare Your Fabrics

Pre-washing and ironing is essential to a positive outcome in quilting. Lots of times quilters will try to skip this step to save time, only to find out that the colors in the fabrics bleed, or the fabric itself shrinks, making an uneven quilt. Many quilters also recommend starching to keep the fabric strong and unwrinkled.

Be sure to wash all fabrics with color safe detergents and iron them carefully to remove all wrinkles.

Choose Simple Patterns

Patterns that start with large, square pieces are much easier to work with than those with more intricate pieces. Start with simple and work your way towards the complicated pieces.