The Quilting of Kaffe Fassett

Kaffe Fassett Quilting

Kaffe Fassett is the culmination of talent in every aspect of hand crafting. Not only does he create outstanding and highly desired patchwork quilting, but he also makes amazing knitted pieces, fabrics, needlepoint, paintings, and ceramics. He’s easily mastered the intricacies of each of these art forms and continues to come up with amazing and refreshing designs.

Fassett’s patchwork, as well as his other artistic endeavors, have been commissioned all over the world. His favorite pieces to create, he says, are furniture. The fact that his creations will be used for something functional drives his desire to create more and more. His work is featured in homes and museums throughout the world. Although he is currently based in London, England, Fassett was born in San Francisco, California. At the age of 19 he received a coveted scholarship to School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston where he briefly studied fine art.

Throughout the years, Fassett has certainly perfected his own artistic style for all of the handcrafts. From needlepoint to quilting, Fassett does it all. “One of the great things about working with your hands” says Fassett, “…is making something for someone.” He enjoys creating gifts for loved ones, as well as creating commissioned pieces that add to the architecture of the room. For Fassett, patchwork quilting started when his friend purchased a beautiful antique quilt.

Fassett’s inspiration comes from all around him. He explores ideas in the art world and sits with them for a while. He says “When I get an idea I love to just go with it. An idea will sit in my mind for a long time…” Once he finds inspiration, Fassett will sketch his idea and then start on his crafting project. For him, the process is very natural and organic.

According to Fassett, “One of the amazing things about making a patchwork is trying to get a wonderful harmony – a wonderful excitement out of a given range of colors and to have a balance”. When examining a quilt, Fassett looks for excitement. He looks for his eye to never stop traveling. “I want to look at it and have my eye wandering around and not fall into a black hole or into a bright light. I want an evenness of attention.”


For more of Kaffe Fassett’s famous pieces, check out his website.