T-Shirt Quilting: Sew Together Your Favorite Memories

Have a bunch of old t-shirts you no longer wear, but don’t want to part with? T-shirt quilts are a fun and unique way to display your old shirts. Whether using shirts from your favorite family vacations, high school sport teams or college activities, this quilting project will be filled with great memories. Very few materials are required for this project, and most of them are recycled – making this the perfect project for any budget!

To get started, all you need is a bunch of t-shirts, backing material, yarn and ball point needles. To make a 56” x 56” quilt, Cathie and Steve recommend using 13 t-shirts, cut into 12” x 12” squares. Have more shirts to use? Either make a two sided quilt or use smaller squares. Don’t go too small though, since you don’t want to cut off parts of the shirts’ images. Create a template for you square with some left-over wrapping paper, folding it into fourths. This will create a center point that you can line up with the middle of the image or design on each shirt.

Fleece backing is a good choice for this craft, but cotton works great too. Ball point needles are important to use while sewing to avoid making holes in the t-shirt cotton. Create rows of 5 squares, pin together and start sewing!

Check out the video tutorial below or click here for step-by-step instructions. Looking to purchase quilting materials or to sign up for a class? Visit The Fabric Stasher today at 505 Cedar Street in Tipton, Iowa or give us a call at 565-886-1600. Happy quilting!