National Quilting Day

Quilting Day

            National Quilting Day, March 21st, 2015, is right around the corner. This favorite holiday of quilt lovers and quilt makers began 24 years ago, when the individuals in the National Quilting Association decided to dedicate a specific day to the rich tradition of quilting.

Beginning as a utilitarian craft specifically designated for warmth in the cold, quilting has blossomed to be a growing hobby that people of all ages partake in.

Whether you are a quilt maker yourself or an owner of quilts, make sure you take time on the third Saturday of March to work on your latest quilting project, start a new quilt, thank a quilter, or to wrap yourself up in your favorite quilt!

Why Quilt?

Quilting can be a very relaxing and therapeutic hobby for individuals to take part in. People of any age can learn to quilt along with learning the concentration, dedication, and appreciation of quilt making.

Instead of purchasing an already made blanket or comforter from a store, you can personalize your own creations exactly how you would like. They can be used in your own home, used as a decoration piece, given as gifts, or even brought to talent shows or competitions to be judged based on design, stitching, and a plethora of other categories.

How To Get Started!

You can begin to quilt at any point in your life. A wonderful thing about quilting is that you can start and stop whenever you choose. Quilt while watching your favorite show on TV; listen to your favorite records while stitching together a quilt. And then feel free to put down your supplies to go to the kitchen to cook dinner. Then, when you are available again, you can pick up right where you left off!


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