Introducing Kids to Quilting

Little Girl Sewing

Lots of kids like to follow in the footsteps of their parents, grandparents and other role models. If your child has expressed an interest in learning how to quilt, now is a great time to teach them! Summer break is here, leaving them with some extra time to learn this fulfilling new hobby! Here are some tips on teaching kids to quilt:

Make it Fun

The focus of learning how to quilt should to have fun while making something together! Don’t stress about making your child’s quilting perfect, but instead use this learning activity as a bonding experience. Learning to quilt is the perfect quality time activity where you can not only share your hobby with your child, but also talk to them about their day and things that are going on in your lives.

Start Small

Your first few projects together should be short and simple. This will keep your child from getting discouraged by the length of time that longer projects take, as well as let them get excited quickly about the new item they made! Some fun quilting ideas to begin with include patchwork pillowcases, a tote bag, or a doll sized quilt. These projects will make quilting fun and rewarding for your child from the start.

Keep it Simple

Teach your child the basics of using a sewing machine by allowing them to sit on your lap while you operate the pedal. Your child can guide the fabric, focusing on creating straight seams, while you move at a slow pace.

Also, head to your local quilting shop and purchase pre-cut squares of fabric to avoid the hassle of rotary cutters. Make this outing fun and choose some great pieces for each of your projects. Here at The Fabric Stasher we have lots of great fabric choices, as well as yarn, books and more! Visit us at 505 Cedar Street in Tipton, Iowa.