How to Organize Leftover Fabric Pieces

Left over Fabric


Using Leftover Fabric Pieces

Don’t you hate having leftover oddly shaped pieces of fabric after every single project you make? Do you feel as if you will never use those leftover pieces ever again? Those beautiful (and costly) pieces always find a way to pile up with no job or project designated to them. With a few suggestions and tips, you will have projects on the runway in no time. Have no fear because a solution is here!


How to Organize the Leftover Pieces

Cut the scraps you are left with into pre-determined sizes. This will help you to have a focus, and to also have more easily workable pieces. Squares or strips are a few examples of easily workable pieces. Having a lot of pieces in the same shape can help you have a symmetric finished project. Keeping these scraps in different containers is also a helpful way to stay organized. Also, keeping them flat would be a good idea. Hopefully after creating more workable scraps, the only unusable pieces will be tiny pieces that you do not need.

Organize them in on shelves according to color, pattern, project, or size.


A Few Sizing Tips:

  • If the piece is large, you may want to cut it down to use as a few smaller pieces instead of one big piece. This makes it easier for storage.
  • If you have an “end” piece of fabric, you may want to cut off the end straggly part
  • If pieces are too small to use, throw them away or use them as stuffing for another project.
  • Cut fabrics into pieces that are by the inch or half an inch


Creative Projects to do with Leftover Fabric

  • Look on Pinterest!
  • Decorative pillows
  • Wrap the leftover pieces around a Styrofoam wreath to make a decorative wreath
  • Homemade pot holders, doilies, or decorative coasters
  • Fabric flowers
  • Souvenir quilts or blankets using the scraps
  • Decorative fabric baskets
  • Hair bows
  • Doll, baby, or children’s clothes
  • Dog bandanas
  • Wall art