Handmade Quilts: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is one of the most treasured times of the year for a mom. We celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and everyone who has taken on this most sacred role. We know that mothers love flowers, plants and all sorts of colorful gift baskets, but can we branch out a bit? We think that something very personal and unique is in order for this most special person in your life.

A handmade quilt is the ultimate in personalized Mother’s Day gifts. Quilts have a core sentimentality that is difficult to find in even the finest store-bought gifts. Many of us remember the quilts of our past and all of the love, time, patience and meaning that was sewn into each patch. There is no gift as unique and personal as the act of designing and creating a quilt dedicated to your one and only mother. The ideas are endless when it comes to quilt design and are so many design and color options that can celebrate a mother on her special day.

You can begin by choosing fabrics in your mom’s favorite color palette. Since quilts for Mother’s Day can be gifts for moms and their children, incorporating colors and patterns that symbolize both is a fabulous idea. This will be the gift that continues to give year after year, bringing a smile to herself every time she looks at her quilt and thinks of you.

Maybe this quilt is being designed for a new mother. How much fun would it be to choose a pattern that will represent a new life coming into the world or that celebrates the joy of a first-time mother? Both the mother’s and newborn’s names can be sewn into this handmade treasure and it can be kept in a traditional style by choosing hues of blue for a boy and pinks for a girl if you’d like.

Personal touches will bring that sentimental beauty and value to the gift that all quilts should have. Handmade quilts require time, though, and love; these are not gifts that you can simply purchase at your nearest mall. If thought is the thing that truly counts, a handmade quilt will show that special someone what a wonderful mother and person you think they are.

(Posted by: Sheila Powelka of The Fabric Stasher)