Get All Warm and Fuzzy with a Handmade Quilt this Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Now is the perfect day to gift your cuddle partner with that beautiful, warm quilt that you’ve been working on recently! While many may believe that flowers and chocolates and things of that nature are most ideal for a holiday like this one, those things don’t last forever. But a handmade quilt will most certainly last more than a lifetime.

So many people would agree with the statement that the best gifts are the ones that are made rather than bought. There’s just something about the fact that one special person took the time out of their busy schedule to really sit down and create something especially for you. It makes you feel like the most loved person in the world!

While a lot of quilters who are just beginning get nervous that they just aren’t good enough yet to really put something of quality together, we happen to believe otherwise. In fact, some would say that quilts made by beginners are even better simply because of the fact that even though you are inexperienced, you still tried. For senior quilters, the process can be much easier because they’ve been working at their craft for so long. As beginners, it’s heartwarming to see that though you knew it would take you a good amount of time and couldn’t guarantee that it would come out perfect, you were willing to work at it for your significant other!

So go ahead and gift your sweetie with your beautifully handmade quilt on the most romantic day of the year! If you’re lucky, they may even share it with you!

(Posted by: Sheila Powelka of The Fabric Stasher)