Basic Quilt Making Supplies

Quilting SuppliesQuilting is an enjoyable and relaxing hobby that yields a beautiful result. Make a new blanket for your bed, or make gifts for friends and family. Regardless of the reason behind your quilting project, here are some basic supplies you will need during your quilting experience:

For Cutting

Purchasing a rotary cutter and rotary mat before you begin quilting is extremely important. These tools will be used to strips of fabric and patterns for your quilts. When choosing a mat, look for one at least 18” x 24” in size. Rotary cutters should be sharp and have a comfortable fit in your hands.

Having at least two basic rulers will aid in the cutting process as well. A 6” x 24” ruler can be used for long cuts, while a 12 ½” x 12 ½” ruler is used for squaring up. Also have two pairs of scissors handy. One pair should be designated specifically for cutting fabric, to keep the blades sharp. The other pair can be used for cutting templates and paper.

Ironing Supplies

There are two necessities to have when using an iron for quilting. These are an iron that can steam and has a nonstick sole plate. Also, have a starch alternative on hand to spray your fabrics with while ironing.

Marking Tools

While quilting, you will need to make marks on your fabric. Purchase chalk pencils or marking pens to do so. Both of these products can be washed right out when your quilt is finished.

You will also need pins to hold fabric together as you are sewing. Look for long, thin pins to easily pierce through fabric. Also purchase a pin cushion for quick and easy storage of your pins.

The Seam Ripper

Especially when learning to sew, a seam ripper will be your best friend. Use the seam ripper to un-sew mistakes and problems in your quilt. A seam ripper with a fine head will make ripping out your mistakes a breeze.


When choosing fabric for your quilt, always use 100 percent cotton fabric. Visit The Fabric Stasher for a great array of choices and advice on all your quilting needs!

For more information on these supplies and to learn about the basic supplies needed while sewing your quilt together, check out the video below: